Compassion | Sponsor a Child

The Parish has decided, that as Christians with a heart for mission, they would like to partner with the Christian charity, Compassion, and support a Child Survival Programme, in one of the 25 poorest countries where Compassion work with local Churches in areas of extreme poverty.

Child Survival Programmes are similar to the Welsh Government’s “Flying Start Programme”, but are organised and run by local Churches with charitable help, not by governments.  They support needy mums through pregnancy, child birth and post-natal care for mum and baby through to 3 years of age, providing medical care, nutritional support and training in child development, as well as teaching mums crafts which they may be able to use to make a living.

At the age of 3 years, the toddlers will hopefully be transferred to the Child Development Projects, where they will, ideally, be sponsored and supported in four key areas of development: physical, spiritual, socio-emotional and economical.

Each Programme needs £16, 000 a year to operate and although we don’t expect to be able to raise this amount, we hope to be able to raise enough funds each year to make some difference.

After much thought and prayer, we have “adopted” Nouvelle Jerusalem Child Survival Programme in Delmas, a suburb of  Port-au-Prince in Haiti.

Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world, where 61.7% of the population live in extreme poverty – that is less than $1.25 cents a day.

There are just a few profiles on the home page of those children currently waiting for a sponsor like you to get in touch.  If you’d like more information or just a chat about how you can make this happen, do drop us a line and Ann our Compassion Advocate will get in touch. Email Us